Undeletable page in Writer?!

I’ve just had a problem with OpenOffice.org Writer whereby I couldn’t delete a seemingly empty page. There was a table on the first page, but nothing else. Putting the cursor on the second, empty page and pressing Backspace wouldn’t do anything.

It turns out that there was a page break before the “paragraph” on the second page. Once I turned this off (Format → Paragraph… → Text Flow → Breaks) the page disappeared.

This doesn’t seem to happen unless there’s a table on one page, followed by a page break. Also the page break has to be added by changing the paragraph settings – this problem doesn’t appear if Ctrl-Enter is used to create a page break.

Word is more consistent… if you tick “Page break before” for a paragraph, you can’t delete that break using Backspace at all (whereas you can with a Ctrl-Enter page break).

There’s a useful OOoForum.org discussion here where someone else found they couldn’t delete a page due to a page break. There’s also some good advice about making page breaks more visible.

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