Updated History Flow Subversion plugin

Back in 2006, I wrote a Subversion plugin for History Flow, a visualisation tool that lets you examine graphically the history of a text file. (I also wrote about the API that History Flow uses.)

Unfortunately the plugin had stopped working, and JavaSVN (which I used to access Subversion repositories from Java) had been renamed to SVNKit.

I originally provided a ready-to-run plugin JAR, plus a ZIP containing the source code. Today I found the old Subversion repository that I used when originally writing the plugin.

So I’ve converted the Subversion repository to a git repository, and you can find all the code – with fixes to get it using SVNKit instead of JavaSVN – in the historyflow-subversion repository on GitHub.

In doing this I’ve learnt a few things about writing good commit messages and converting from Subversion to git.


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2 Responses to Updated History Flow Subversion plugin

  1. niels says:

    man–I took over a coding project recently (3 months ago) and wanted to use history flow to visualize my changes (i.e. how much code have I reduced) but we use git. Any plans to port your plug in to support git repositories? (ironic you use git for your svn plug in source code!)



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